Youth Accounts Teach Financial Responsibility

Our youth accounts can help teach valuable life skills like money management, tracking purchases, and the value of a dollar. Any checkings or savings account we offer can be set-up to be a youth account with a parent of guardian as a co-signer. We also include other small benefits such as a checkbook and debit card to help start their financial know how. 


We require a guardian of parent with good credit or an existing account to co-sign on the agreement, but in exchange we lower the initial deposit amount to $25 so even younger children can begin to save. Our accounts also include no monthly service fee, regardless of balance. And we also make it extraordinarily easy to transfer money into your child’s account. We also include parental controls such as setting ATM card limits, allowance of money transfers and deposits, text alerts. Once your child turns 18, the account will automatically convert to a Thrive checking account. We recommend our youth accounts to anyone from the ages of 10 to 17.